L.S.Models SNCB Tahms Coil

Belgian steel-coil transporting wagons in a variety of configurations: open, flat rolling roof, sloping rolling roof. A die-cast underframe provides sufficient weight in all versions.

L.S.Models TUI Bvcmh

TUI FerienExpress and TUI treff coaches in both 160 and 200 km/h variants with all changes (bogie dampers, magnetic brakes, underframe tanks). Many colour variants (NS, CNL, EETC).

L.S.Models CNL WLABm

Models of both WLABm and WLBm were designed, including interior variants for NachtZug (4-bed compartments rebuilt into 2-bed with shower and baggage compartment).
The ÖBB variant comes with new bogies.

L.S.Models CNL Bvcmbz 249.1

Bvcmz 248.5 and Bvcmbz 249.1, couchette coaches for DBNachtZug/CityNightLine.

L.S.Models RZD WLSRmee

Both WLABmee and WLSRmee for RZD were realized as models, as well as variants of other operators.
The luxury version with bar WLSRmee received a new, highly detailed interior, new window curtains and additional roof vents.
Of these H0 scale (1:87) models, TT (1:120) and N (1:160) variants were derived later.

L.S.Models PKP WLABmnouz

Modern sleeping-car used in Jan Kiepura and Chopin trains. Interior parts for day and night position as well as closed window curtains are provided.

L.S.Models SBB Dms

Baggage van with new underframe. Different versions of doorsteps are included as separate parts for showcase models and large radius curves.

L.S.Models SBB Sleeperette

With modified body and new interior with two-coloured seats.

L.S.Models SBB WRm

The WRm was developed with different interiors, door arrangements and underfloor equipment.
Highly detailed roof layout with modified pantograph.

L.S.Models SBB Bcm

Couchette car, part of the SBB UIC-X series.
As in the original, the middle beds can be folded down to change to daytime position.


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