L.S.Models ÖBB Bcmz

Models of two series of ÖBB couchette coaches, including modernized versions with changed windows.

L.S.Models DB Bwümz 237

Both prototypes ABwümz 227 and Bwümz 237 came out as a model, including different doors according to the prototype.

L.S.Models NS ICR

Extensive series of both ICR and (modernized) ICRm coaches, including two types of cab control coaches.

L.S.Models SNCB I2

Different types of I2 coaches were designed, including a variety of modernization details (windows, roof vents, bogies).

L.S.Models CIWL Type P

The Type P sleeping-cars were developed with both types of diaphragm and in the version completely modernized in the 1990s (AB30).

Saechsische Waggonfabrik Voith Maxima

The Maxima 30CC/40CC was developed with a completely new drive concept, close to the arrangement of the original locomotive and allowing a highly prototypical appearance of the bogies.

KombiModell T4

One of a series of combined transport wagons, delivered with a great number of extra part to equip to wagon to transport a variety of containers and semi-trailers.

RailTop ČD Ampz

The ČD EuroCity series was derived from the ÖBB EuroCity for RailTop.
These models were later released under another brand without my influence.

RailTop ČD WLABmz

The WLABmz 173 series was developed both in DBAG and ČD versions, taking regard of all differences in underframe details and doors.

RailTop ÖBB BDmpsz

Another example of the ÖBB-EuroCity series, with a new underframe.


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